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Fall in Love with Olive Green Lehengas this Wedding Season

The wedding season is in full swing, and brides-to-be everywhere are busy searching for the perfect lehenga. While traditional red and gold lehengas have always been the norm for weddings, olive green lehengas are quickly becoming a popular choice among brides. This earthy, muted color is perfect for fall weddings and is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some reasons why you should consider an olive green lehenga for your big day:

1. Unique and Trendy

Olive green is not your typical wedding color, which makes it a unique and trendy choice. It’s a color that’s not overused in Indian weddings, but instead provides a refreshing break from the usual gold, red, and pink hues. So, if you want to stand out and make a statement, an olive green lehenga is a perfect choice.

2. Versatile

Olive green is a versatile color that complements all skin tones. If you’re a bride who wants to wear a color that looks good on you, no matter what your complexion is, look no further than olive green. It doesn’t matter if you’re fair-skinned or have a darker complexion; olive green will look stunning on you.

3. Complements Traditional Jewellery

Olive green is a versatile color, and it is the perfect backdrop for traditional Indian jewellery. Gold, pearl, or Kundan jewellery looks gorgeous with olive green lehengas. They complement each other perfectly, and you can flaunt your traditional jewellery with a modern twist.

4. Suitable for Day or Night Weddings

Another advantage of an olive green lehenga is its versatility. This color is suitable for both day and night weddings, making it an excellent choice for ceremonies that take place in the afternoon or evening. You can wear a light or heavily embellished olive green lehenga depending on the wedding time, and both will look fabulous.

5. Perfect for Fall Weddings

Olive green is a fall color, which makes it the ideal choice for weddings that take place during the fall season. You can choose an olive green lehenga that has some gold, bronze, or copper embellishments to give it a festive look.

In conclusion, Olive green lehengas are the perfect choice for brides who want to wear something unique and trendy but still traditional. This versatile and earthy color is suitable for all skin tones and compliments traditional Indian jewellery. An olive green lehenga is also perfect for both day and night weddings and is an excellent choice for fall weddings. So, embrace this trend and fall in love with olive green lehengas this wedding season!

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